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Mental health issues and substance abuse in America


by Kelsey Parker ’20 @KelseyParkerM July 27, 2016 As an incoming college student who has a personal connection to the issue, being at the Like-Minded rally during the second day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia was amazing. It was inspiring to witness so many people wanting to learn more about mental health issues. It hit home for me as I have felt the impact of having family and friends […]

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Dems begin Convention with fighting on the floor

Bernie Jacket

by Alex Malm ’17 @Malm_a13 July 26, 2016 After Donald J. Trump and the Republican Party were able to unify around beating Hillary Clinton last week at the Republican National Convention, the Democratic party had one goal for their Convention: Unify to beat Trump. However, day one of the Democratic National Convention did not begin this way. Protests broke out in the streets, not against Trump, but against Clinton who is […]

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Pence has little support, but that can change

by Matt Scoville ’18 @matt_scoville July 21, 2016 At the Republican National Convention, some Republicans still are unfamiliar with Governor Mike Pence, Donald Trump’s vice presidential pick. Diane Bitter is one of the New Hampshire delegates who wants to get to know him better. Bitter said she had never heard of him before. “He’s one fellow, believe it or not, that I have never met,” she states. “I’m from New […]

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Peaceful RNC protesters are unified around a message of tolerance

BLM Movement

by Christina Cliff @ChristinaKCliff July 19, 2016 On PoliticsFitzU’s first day at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, students (and the faculty) were treated to a variety of events and individuals, yet I spent much of my day at a nearby park, talking to various participants and spectators at a collective protest.  There were many different groups present, but all seemed to have a similar message, calling for an end to […]

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