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Cameron enters the chaotic world of politics


by Meghana Reddy

Rising sophomore Grace Cameron has come to accept that although she is not particularly interested in politics, a basic understanding of what’s going on is a necessity.


Grace Cameron attending her first day at the Franklin Pierce Presidency and Press Conference. Photo by Meghana Reddy

“To be honest,” said Cameron, “I would stay away from politics if I could.” However her desire to be educated on what is best for the world makes it impossible to ignore them.

Cameron attends Pinkerton Academy where an American government class expanded her view on current issues. Current issues, Cameron came to realize are often inaccurately portrayed by the media, amplified and embellished with false information.

An opportunity to write in a general and informative style, rather than with the biased viewpoint currently dominating the web, drew Cameron to the Franklin Pierce Presidency and Press Conference. “I want to be a lawyer but if I were a journalist I wouldn’t want to write with a narrow mind” she said.

Still new to the political scene, Cameron is still figuring out where she stands. For the time being, her biggest wish for the future is equality for all.  


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