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Jarest connects historic events to current day politics




Michelle Jarest working in the Journalism Lab on the first day of the Presidency and Press Conference. Photo by Maria Soraghan


by Maria Soraghan

Michelle Jarest, senior at Conval High School, is diving into politics the same way she dives into the history books this week at the Presidency and Press Conference.

Having taken all the AP History courses her school offers, Jarest is an expert in the subject and uses this to her advantage. Vast knowledge about history has given her a unique view of the World and the upper hand in school. Jarest said “history always repeats itself” and so she can easily connect the current news facing the country to past events she has read about.

In her AP US history class this past year, Jarest remembers looking at pictures of the civil rights movement and listening to speeches given in the 1960’s. Currently, the Black Lives Matter movement has gained huge traction throughout the country and Jarest cannot help but notice the similarities between this modern protest and the ones she learned about that occurred 50 years ago.


Jarest reading about the Black Lives Matter Movement. Photo by Maria Soraghan

“It’s crazy to think that I could go to college soon and be protesting the same things students in the 1960’s were protesting.” And this is only one of the many observations Jarest has taken note of between the past and present. It is even what has given her such a high interest in this conference. She is hungry to learn more about politics and make those vital connections to history. “Past, present, or future, there’s no difference. The same issues will always be relevant.”


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