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Keene High student follows in his father’s footsteps

by Angelique A. Inchierca

On August 8th, Keene High’s very own Adam Minahan came to The Presidency and The Press Conference at Franklin Pierce University to utilize his family’s background in journalism.

Minahan is heading into his sophomore year at Keene High and defines himself as the ‘academic genius’ among his friends. He is always willing to give a helping hand to his peers and work with them by kick starting projects, homework, or tutoring times. Minahan makes it a point to keep himself updated about his school’s environment.

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Adam Minahan awaits for The Presidency and The Press Conference to begin. Photo by Angelique Inchierca

Many agree with Minahan that the local government has impacted public school systems. Minahan makes it known that he is a strong believer in how government policies keep Keene running smoothly with how drug epidemics have been on the rise.

“Without our local government, my small town would easily fall into anarchy. It would be completely chaotic.” Minahan said before explaining the imbalance of social standings and how the town of Keene would decline in hours if the government were to back out. Thus school systems would go haywire and street smarts would seem more valuable than the academic intelligence that Minahan possesses. 

The Presidency and The Press Conference interests Minahan at a personal level due to his father majoring in journalism before becoming an english teacher. That planted a seed for political issues and is here to use his writing skills and previous english knowledge to make the best of his experience

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