Granite State Student Voice

New Hampshire Student Media Association

McNamara expands her political views

by Sophie Nikolenko


Nervous, but excited, Senior Meghan McNamara is ready to broaden her political spectrum and dive into the world of journalism at The Presidency and The Press conference.

“Everyone has big opinions on politics, there is a lot of bias, and it is important to understand both sides.” McNamara, even though she has minimal journalistic is very willing to learn. “I came into this very open, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought this would be a great experience.”

McNamara is actively involved on Pinkerton’s mock trial team, and is the reason she is here today. She competed as a witness with her team at the NHBA mock trial competition with other schools around New Hampshire. Although her team didn’t move on, she loves mock trial and will continue doing it  her senior year.


McNamara focuses on her article. Photo by Sophie Nikolenko

At the young age of 9 years old she took up writing her own endings for books that she didn’t find satisfying. McNamara published her work to online forums, receiving comments and advice from other users.

After The Presidency and The Press McNamara would like to continue writing.  “I would love to write for a larger audience, and pursue this at a larger scale.”  





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