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Megan Twitchell twitches her way into politics

by Madelyn Leonard

Megan Twitchell, the ideal student. One who generously donates full meals to children in her school.  She is open to learn and accept ideas, politics included.


Megan Twitchell plans an interview.                                            by: Madelyn Leonard                                                     

Twitchell will be a sophomore at Kingswood Regional High School. Twitchell spends some of her free time in her school club, Nights Against Hunger. A club that gives full meals to 12 students at her school. The club supplies food for the weekend with 3 dinners, 2 breakfasts, and 2 lunches along with meals during the week days.

This year was Twitchell’s first time involved with the presidential race.  Twitchell is a strong Bernie Sanders supporter; feeling deeply for immigration policies and the wage gap. She throws her support now to Hillary Clinton.

“Pay should be determined by worth not by gender.” Twitchell said. The wage gap between men and women is a concern for her. Twitchell is worried for what the future may hold for her with college coming soon into her life. “Whatever happens in this election can personally affect me because I am at an age where I’ll be in college and have a car. I need to know what happens in my country.”said Twitchell



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  1. Nice job, Maddy. You should write my resume for me!


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