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Meghana Reddy dives into politics

by Grace Cameron

Meghana Reddy is an aspiring creative writer. She debuted her talent in her school’s newspaper. 

She writes fantasy stories that are based off of well known tales. For example, she has used an Alice and Wonderland quote to generate an entire plot. However, even when she has an idea, she’s open to suggestions and isn’t afraid to change her concept.


Meghana Reddy enjoys a lunch. Photo by Grace Cameron.

Reddy believes that everyone should be open-minded, especially when dealing with politics. To her, someone who refuses to hear the opposing side of an argument and would rather exchange malign remarks is childish. She said “[It’s like] third-grade insults are being thrown around.”

She favors someone with a concrete plan. “I like structure, not just in politics but in
general life.” said Reddy, who believes that a politician who runs a campaign without a clear message or a strategy comes across as unprofessional.

Rather than a serious interest in politics, her participation in this year’s Presidency and Press is due to her involvement in the school newspaper. She hopes to use this as a resource in order to launch a possible career in communications, where she make a difference.

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