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Photojournalist Oliver Ward wishes for all of America to feel the Bern

by Seth Facey

Oliver Ward looks to learn more about how to apply his photography skills to journalism and politics during his time at the Presidency and the Press.

Ward is a rising Junior at Conval High School who previously took pictures of “random stuff that interested me” but his photographer teacher who runs Conval’s school newspaper changed that. Ward became immersed in photojournalism and he is now a photojournalist for Conval’s school newspaper. Ward wants to become a better photojournalist and he said that while at the Presidency and the Press he wishes to,“learn to tell a story with a photo”.

Ward considers himself to be an avid supporter of Bernie Sanders and joined his campaign. “Medical services should be a right not a privilege” said Ward. This is just one view of many that Ward and Senator Sanders agree on. However, he is anti-gun and Senator Sanders is farther to the right than most other Democrats.  


Oliver Ward standing in front of the camera rather than behind. Photo by Seth Facey


Ward first found his interest in politics when his father became involved with local politics and joined Conval’s Select-board. Through his father’s experiences, Ward learned about how a local political system works and about politics in general.  

Ward is still unsure of whether he wishes to pursue photojournalism as a career, but with his interests in both photography and politics, he believes that it is still an option.   

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