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Pinkerton Academy senior displays encouraging qualities of future in political journalism

by Adam Minahan

Angel Inchierca of Pinkerton Academy shows enthusiastic participation in student body politics along with many set goals in mind to forward both her political and journalistic dreams.

Inchierca is part of multiple extracurricular activities which all demonstrate her devotion to politics.  She is in Student Council, Skills USA, FBLA, DECA, and has attended political conferences before, all of which involve business leadership and student government concepts.  These clubs and organizations have propelled Inchierca into her student body with positive results.

Inchierca said, “I want everyone to have a good head on their shoulders,” when asked about what she wants to accomplish during her high school education.  “Everyone deserves a voice,” she said, and her involvement in student body politics has helped her discover how to accomplish this task.


Inchierca with the reporter, showing her constant bright smile.  Photo by Adam Minahan.

Journalism is not Inchierca’s specialty, as creative writing is her niche, but she is excited to explore.  Politics has been her main focus since entering high school, and she believes breaking out from creative writing will forward her skills greatly.  Her new combination of political prowess and writing ability will make her an excellent student and journalist.

Inchierca is a budding writer and an expert high school politician with an extremely hopeful future.  She wants to break, in her opinion, the unjust and disorganized political systems that are seen everywhere.

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