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Seth Facey faces politics

by Oliver Ward

Seth Facey, a rising sophomore at Souhegan High School, found out about the Presidency and the Press Conference when his teacher asked the editors of their school’s online magazine if they had interest in going.


Seth Facey is excited to learn something new.                                  Photo by Oliver Ward

Facey, as an editor of the sports section of the school publication, “The Claw,” decided to check the program out. He normally deals in writing sports pieces, but he has covered a few political happenings in the past, and came to the conference to expand his skills in that area. Facey is interested at looking at journalism through the lens of politics and seeing how he can learn new things about journalism and  “Apply it to [his] sports pieces”

Facey has done a bit of political writing for his school before, going to rallies for both
Donald Trump, and Jeb Bush, as well as watching other candidates speak on TV. “I did an article on Jeb Bush when he came to our school,” said Facey.

Facey himself identifies politically as a moderate liberal, taking advice from his older brother to “strive to be a moderate to see both sides of [politics]” He believes it is important to be unbiased, and try and understand both political perspectives.

When he’s not working on pieces for “The Claw,” Facey spends a good chunk of his time playing soccer, his favorite sport. “It’s a fun way to meet new people,” he said, “you can bond with a lot of people.” Facey also enjoys skiing, and he recently took up volleyball saying “it’s fun to learn a new thing.” One thing that might surprise those who don’t know him, is that he also has a few tricks up his sleeve. That is to say, he knows a few good magic tricks and treats magic as a part time hobby.

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