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Student with a strong voice speaks about her political views

by Michelle Jarest

Maria Soraghan from Hampstead, New Hampshire is attending The Presidency and the Press conference at Franklin Pierce University this week and has brought her passionate personality with her.

Soraghan is part of the mock trial team at her school, Pinkerton Academy. Politics and the media are both things Soraghan is deeply interested in, which is exactly why the advisor of the mock trial team contacted her about the conference. Along with research and communication skills, debates are a main part of being on the team.

Debating is also one of Soraghan’s greatest passions and plays into her view of politics. Though she may not always agree with certain politicians’ policies, she can admire their communication skills, especially in debates. “If you can bring the audience to applause and bring those other candidates to silence, you know you’ve done well,” she said.

“It’s interesting to see how media twists and turns politics,” Soraghan said when asked about how she thinks the press plays into the political process. Her interest for politics sparked when she visited the 2012 Inauguration and she remains active and well-informed during the current 2016 election process.



Maria Soraghan stands proudly in front of the door to the Journalism Lab at Franklin Pierce University. Photo by Michelle Jarest.

Soraghan believes that in politics, having the proper communication and speaking well to an audience can really give someone the upper-hand when compared to other candidates. She wants to learn more about politics and the political process, making her a passionate and perfect fit for The Presidency and the Press conference.


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