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Taylor Cameron makes her own way in politics

by Jason Frank

Taylor Cameron, a 16 year old Pinkerton student, is used to making her own way in politics and is now attending the Presidency and Press conference in order to further inform her viewpoint.


A studious Taylor Cameron. Photo by Grace Cameron

Cameron’s passion for politics was inspired by her father’s involvement, but she was never willing to just follow his lead. Though she may have learned to have an interest from him, her father is much more conservative than she has grown to be. Cameron says, “I learned more [about politics] and kind of branched off a little bit.”

Cameron is also the sole member of her group of friends who has become involved politically. However, she doesn’t wear this as a badge of pride. In fact she wishes they were more involved. “It’s disappointing how much they don’t care,” She says.

She thinks that they are not involved because they misunderstand what the system is all about, and think politics is all about aggression. Cameron wishes they understood that politics is about much more than war and that it has a real influence on their lives. In Cameron’s mind, politics is about relationships.

Though she’s excited about the entire Presidency and Press program, Cameron is a bit more focused on the Presidency side. Though she is disappointed she cannot vote in the upcoming election, Cameron has still made an effort to see as many candidates as possible, including Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Donald Trump.

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