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Travis Fischer vocalizes his political views

by Anna Waldron

An upcoming senior, Travis Fischer delves into how his life is influenced by politics.

Fischer attends Pinkerton Academy in Derry New Hampshire as a seventeen year old. He is also attending The Presidency and the Press at Franklin Pierce University, due to his interest in politics.


Travis Fischer on his first day at The Presidency and the Press. Photo by Anna Waldron

“Every decision, local or federal, somehow influences my life,” Fischer says, explaining his interest in politics. Fischer is very disappointed in the fact that he will not be able to vote this November, due to his age. Although Fischer sees his future in genetic research, politics is a very prominent piece of his life. 

Fischer says that the most influential moment in his political life was when Bernie Sanders began his campaign. The start of Sanders’ campaign pulled Fischer into politics. Now that Sanders is not a candidate, Fischer speaks to his opinion on the next democratic candidate, “Bernie Sanders lit the fire and it’s up to us to hold her (Hillary Clinton) feet to it.”

Being the founder of a political club, Think Tank Politics, at his high school is one of the many ways he plays an active role in politics. Fischer volunteered at a Bernie Sanders campaign in January of 2016. He is also a student activist in his town’s politics. 

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