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Waldron and Fischer excited about politics and the media

by Sarah Eastland

As day one of The Press and Presidency carries on Anna Waldron, a junior from Souhegan High School and Travis Fischer, a senior from Pinkerton Academy, have been constantly busy since arriving at the Franklin Pierce campus this morning.

IMG_4424Waldron is mainly interested in how news sources interact with political machines. “How do reporters and journalists deal with the unpredictability of the presidential race?… How do political campaigns control what their candidate says?” Waldron asks. So far she says that Joe Sciacca, editor of The Boston Herald, has come the closest to answering her questions, but she’ll be looking for more direct responses when visiting with the Clinton and Trump campaigns this Wednesday.

Fischer has
always been compelled by the way media outlets interact with the government, and is looking forward to learning how people are able to publish work without bias. He is a firm believer that bias must be removed from reporting, and from politics. “Politics is like the puppet master of life. Whether we see the strings or not it’s there, and it’s controlling us,” Fischer said.

Both Fischer and Waldron agree that above all this week is an amazing learning opportunity and an opportunity to answer questions in a way not previously allowed to them.

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