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A grand is all it takes to run

by Megan Twitchell and Meghan McNamara
@MeganTwitchell @MeghanMcNamara9

Every presidential candidate has to file for candidacy with the secretary of state’s office to get on the ballot in New Hampshire.


Deputy Secretary of State David Scanlon suggests New Hampshire is the ideal first primary state.            Photo by Oliver Ward

Candidates only have to be 35 years old and be naturally born citizens. They also have to pay a $1000 filing fee by either bank check or cash.

“It’s always exciting when the major nominees come in,” Deputy Secretary David Scanlon said.  When candidate Donald Trump was informed of the requirements he grudgingly came forward with a bank check and said, “‘I’d like everyone to know I have more money in my personal checking account than this bank has.’”New Hampshire’s status of being the first primary makes provides opportunities unlike any other state. Citizens can meet many candidates, often more than once. Candidates can build a grassroots campaign here without spending a lot of money.

And 58 candidates took advantage of that. “Every ideology is reflected here,” Scanlon said.

Oddball candidates run every year, from Colossus Benson, the silverback gorilla, to the ever-lovable Vermin Supreme. Scanlon says they come here because, “the New Hampshire voters will listen to them and for the most part take them seriously, as well.”

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