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From informing the nation to inspiring young journalists

by Maria Soraghan, Travis Fischer, Taylor Cameron, and Angelique Inchierca
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Marlin Fitzwater came to Franklin Pierce University for a student journalist interview during The Presidency and The Press Conference. 

Fitzwater was the press secretary for former Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. He was the source of all vital information to the country and the one link between the President and the public. 

DSC_6022 - Copy (2) - Copy

Marlin Fitzwater (left) , Maria Soraghan (middle), and Travis Fischer (right) during their student journalism interview. Photo taken by Angelique Inchierca

At Franklin Pierce’s Program, The Presidency and the Press, students from all over New Hampshire had the opportunity to personally interview Fitzwater. Pinkerton Academy’s group took this opportunity to ask questions from press tactics,  concerns with North Korea, and his views on social media.

Fitzwater explained that no one will know every question the press will ask, but reviewing and brainstorming potential questions is the best way to prepare. Every morning, he would have a team of people split up stories and prepare possible questions and answers.  Fitzwater remembers one situation he wasn’t prepared for; “Once a reporter asked about Bush (Sr.) saying he would have to raise taxes and I wasn’t ready for it because he had never said anything to anyone in his circle about it” but sometimes the media has sources or leaks he couldn’t prepare for. Fitzwater is an expert though, and handled each briefing with professionalism and ease.

Fitzwater remembers when the camera and the internet were the biggest technology in the press room but now he comments about the even further improvements with social media. “It’s even more complicated than the basic internet. It’s faster and requires more consideration at the time and now [social media] is determining the nature of journalism.”

DSC_5990 - Copy

Marlin Fitzwater during the interview. Photo by Angelique A. Inchierca

The Pinkerton Academy team asked Fitzwater about North Korea declaring war on the US. Fitzwater’s response was “The American government is watching and has certain ways of detecting what’s going on. We have the CIA, Pentagon, DIA, and others who are studying North Korea. We’d know. We are watching but there is not much we can say.” Fitzwater trusts the government to make the right decisions, and put the safety of America and its citizens as top priority.

Fitzwater may be retired, but still generously offers his time to young student journalists. It was an honor to have this opportunity to work with Fitzwater and he hopes to spread his knowledge around the nation by helping young journalists. 

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