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How come the polls couldn’t predict this election?

by Maria Soraghan and Travis Fischer
@Maria_Soraghan @TravisDFischer

The biggest enemy of the polls this year were the people who were conducting them.

Whenever someone turns on a news stations, it seems like pools are being thrown in their face. Numbers have become the game. Who’s winning, who’s losing, and who’s playing the game the best? If a person followed the election from the beginning, he or she would have noticed that none of the poles were predicting Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders’ success in this election cycle. This election was one that no one conducting the polls could have foreseen and prepared for.

Dr. Frank Cohen said the reason why the polls weren’t able to predict this was because the people making the polls weren’t asking questions supporters of Trump and Sanders could


Prof. Cliff and Cohen present to students about election polls. Photo by Juliana Wilson 

answer to show their opinions. Cohen, a Poli-Sci professor at Franklin Pierce University, also mentioned that pollsters underestimated how upset people were with the government and how things in the country were being handled.   

Christina Cliff spoke about an unpredictable undertone of anti-government attitude in this election’s polls. People believed that the government was headed in the wrong direction and either not helping the way they should, or helping the wrong people. This unforeseen opinion definitely played a huge roll in the failure of the polls.


Some pollsters even considered leaving out Trump and Sanders all together. This underestimation of how people felt toward the government caused the polls to not be accurate. Underestimation played a key factor in the inaccuracy of the polling at the beginning of the election.  

As Cliff said, “The only good and real poll, is the election”.

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