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Keene students are honored to interview former U.S. Press Secretary

by Adam Minahan and Madelyn Leonard
@AdamMinahan and @maddy_leonard33

Keene High School representatives had the honor to sit down with former Press Secretary of the United States, Marlin Fitzwater for an interview on his amazing career and life.

During his career Fitzwater served Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. The interview was conducted in a small production studio located in the Marlin Fitzwater Center of Communication–the center dedicated to him at Franklin Pierce University. Fitzwater was calmly sitting in his cushioned chair, when the pair of students entered and it looked as if this interview was another walk in the park for him.


Keene High representatives asking the hard questions with Fitzwater.  Photo by Juliana Wilson.

Preparations began, microphones were checked, lights were flashing, cameras moving, and through it all, Fitzwater quietly sat with a grin on his face. Hands were shaken, introductions were made, and the interview began.

The student’s feelings of suspense and nervousness were immediately lifted as Fitzwater began to answer the simple questions first. The words flowed out like it had been rehearsed. Ten years as Press Secretary for two Presidents have certainly helped his impeccable interview skills.

Fitzwater mainly discussed daily life and challenges presented to him  during his time in the White House. Topics ranged from the recession during President Bush’s first term, lessons he learned from his experiences, and insight onto how far media has come.

Interviewing Fitzwater was truly a great opportunity for The Presidency and The Press representatives as this was the man who held the highest-ranking journalistic position in the country for ten years.

Fitzwater kept supplying concrete answers as the questions continued. When more difficult questions were asked, more thorough answers responded. The interview could have continued for another hour, or more. Unfortunately, there are always deadlines in journalism, and the clock was coming down to mere seconds

Before the students completed the interview, Fitzwater finished off by elaborating on an earlier question. He was asked why he believed he had held his position for so long and he simply responded, “But yes, I really loved the job!”

Even after addressing Mr. Fitzwater by the wrong name three times during this process, his relaxed reaction was priceless. “Don’t worry, I’ve been called worse,” he said.

The Keene High School representatives were grateful for this opportunity, and Fitzwater happily gave the interview of a lifetime.










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