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Susan Adams educates students about mock elections

by Grace Cameron

Susan Adams, the New Hampshire Public Television’s Manager of educational Services, presented the Mock Election, explaining what it’s purpose is. The website,, is not only used for mock election, but also for “Highlighting whatever [someone does] journalistically about politics…” said Adams.

However, the main focus is the simulated vote. On the site, they display the data of the votes from the students and schools. They vote on the New Hampshire Primary elections and are usually spot on about their predictions regarding the national election. The only time their results have not aligned with the actual vote was when they favored Al Gore. However as we all know, the authentic popular vote had given the win to Al Gore also.

The elections are held about a week before the New Hampshire primary due to the increase in media coverage they get. Their strategic time placement allows them to get on international news, even from South Korea, because no other voting is occuring.


Taylor Cameron writes an article of the preview day. Photo by Grace Cameron

Student journalist, Taylor Cameron, attended the presentation and was intrigued by this opportunity for kids. She said “[It’s an] interesting way to collect data from people who can’t actually… make their way to the polls.” She enjoyed the presentation and would jump at the opportunity to participate in this type of program.


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