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Social media journalism and The Boston Herald are taking big steps

by Adam Minahan and Grace Cameron
@AdamMinahan and @gracie_camie

The Presidency and The Press delegates and staff sat down with Boston Herald executives to discuss their expanding outlets and progress in the media world.

The Herald is the oldest daily newspaper in the United States, still supplying the Boston area with a daily printed-paper, but it is quickly changing. “We are getting into everything now,” Joe Sciacca said, Editor in Chief of the paper.  He gave examples of the modernized expansion into multimedia outlets such as the Herald Radio, website, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.

Zuri Berry, Deputy Managing Officer of Multimedia, continued this idea. “These outlets give relevant news the opportunity to be fully vetted and shared within a matter of minutes to a large-scale of people,” said Berry.

Instead of withholding a story until tomorrow’s paper, the story will instantly put out a full story onto one of their many platforms. Sciacca said the Herald is going against traditional journalism, by not simply reporting yesterday’s news.


Presidency and the Press delegates with Sciacca on screen.  Photo by Sarah Eastland

Sciacca and Berry spoke to us via Skype video call. Sciacca said, “You are part of the best times to be a journalist, and the most exciting times to be a journalist.”  Both men emphasized how these times are the best to begin a life in journalism.
believes that this generation is the most informed.  The rapid growth of technology allows us to be connected to and informed by the news more than ever. “You will continue to ingest news, whether through a watch, phone, print…maybe through a bathroom mirror someday,” said Sciacca.




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