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Today’s youth impress Marlin Fitzwater

by Jason Frank, Michelle Jarest and Oliver Ward
@jp_frank99, @MichMeganJ, @Oliver_ward__

Today’s youth are more politically involved than they get credit for,Marlin Fitzwater, former press secretary of the United States said, in a television interview with local high school students, on August 9.

Fitzwater believes that youth in the country are well-informed about the world and care about the political process. He cited students attending FPU’s Presidency and the Press conference this week as an example. He said he appreciated their questions and their enthusiasm for politics in general.


“The so-called millennial generation is a serious generation,” said Fitzwater.

Fitzwater was the only press secretary to be appointed and serve under two presidents, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. He stated that the largest difference between the two presidents was their character and personality. For example, Reagan preferred briefings to be handwritten, while Bush used an oral format.

Fitzwater participated in interviews by students from five public schools across New Hampshire as part of the Presidency and the Press program. ConVal, Pinkerton Academy, Souhegan, Kingswood, and Keene were represented. Each school had approximately fifteen minutes to conduct their interviews.


The ConVal students had never worked on television before, so the opportunity was incredibly valuable.

One ConVal student said, “The chance to work on television was extremely different than anything else I had ever worked on, and to work with a professional interview subject like Marlin made it even better.”



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