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Stark differences between Clinton and Trump NH campaign offices really stand out

by Madelyn Leonard

When walking into the two presidential nominees’ campaign offices in N.H., it is easy to identify that there are major differences between the two campaigns.



Volunteers for Democratic candidates for NH ballot. photo by Adam Minahan

Coming off the elevator and entering the second floor of the office building, it is clearly a Trump office. The walls in the campaign headquarters in Manchester have photos of the Republican candidate on the walls. Trump campaign signs were sparsely hung. Fox News aired on a office television in the background. It was a constant reminder of the twenty-four-seven news cycle that the campaign focuses on. 


In contrast, the Clinton campaign office office was located on Elm St., in the city’s downtown district. Homemade posters saying “Thank you Bernie” and “New Hampshire for Hillary” and campaign signs were plastered along the brightly painted walls.

Campaign posters for fellow democrats on the New Hampshire ballot added to the energy in the office. It is the center for the state-wide efforts of the NH Democratic party. It shows the unifying of the party.

The campaign for Clinton was located in former store front, where Jeb Bush had his campaign office during the primary. With some unfinished walls, the office is furnished primarily with folding chairs and tables that have been around the block.

Yet, the upbeat energy of the staff was contagious. They are young, fresh out of college or even high school students. Over 20 people, both male and female, bounced around, and several different ethnicities worked together to get out the vote.

The conference rooms were filled with eager volunteers making phone calls and meeting together to organize their efforts. The volunteers take time out of their schedule, which includes full time jobs, to help elect their Democratic candidates.

Switching sides looking at Trump’s campaign office the atmosphere opposite.


Primary Trump campaign staff answer student questions. Photo By Adam Minahan

Three truly experienced men, and one high school dropout, are the base of the campaign for New Hampshire. The campaign’s communications director, Corey, joined the NH campaign in early August. These men have dedicated all of their free time to spreading Trump’s message to voters.

The gentlemen said that following the NH Republican state primary, the office will work for the entire ticket. They also noted that more volunteers do their phone banking in the evening. One woman was working in the office, but it was noted that more females are on the staff.

Despite the differences between the two offices, represenatives from both emphasized that the classic door to door knocking and phone calls proved most productive. In addition, both campaigns stated that they have received volunteers and voters from the opposing party, proving there is some cross over happening in NH during the election cycle.



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