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The Democratic National Convention allows FPU junior to witness historic moments

By Maggie Bell ’18

At the Democratic National Convention I was able to witness some very historic moments, culminating with the nomination of the first female candidate to a major political party for president in the United States.

While at the convention I went to the Women’s Caucus where Madeleine Albright, Eva Longoria Parker, Nancy Pelosi, and other notable people, spoke about issues facing women in this year’s election. While there, I live tweeted and photographed the conversation.

I also attended the Glamour magazine and Facebook joint event, “Cocktails and Conversation,” where Cindi Leive the Editor-in-Chief of Glamour, Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Lena Dunham, the star of the HBO show “Girls,” and America Ferrera, the star of the ABC show “Ugly Betty” participated in a panel discussion regarding Glamour’s 51 Million Voices campaign. The campaign’s goal it is to bring issues that affect the 51 million women under the age of 45 to light as they prepare to cast their votes this fall.

The conversation ended with a performance from the Syncopated Ladies, who sang “Run the World” by Beyonce. Glamour provided cocktails and hosted a beauty station with professional hair and makeup artists for the women who attended. The goal of this event was to try to encourage more young people to get involved in the political discussion by bringing up the issues that affect our generation in a fun and interactive manner.

There was also mass amount of protesting going on for the duration of the convention in Philadelphia. Many protesters were Bernie Sanders supporters who were disappointed, among other things, with the way the Democratic National Committee handled this election cycle following the news of the server hack purportedly by Russian agents,

followed by Wikileaks subsequent release of the hacked emails. There were many others who came out to protest on behalf of issues of personal importance including the anti-abortionists, Code Pink, and Westboro Baptist Church all taking advantage of the mass amount of press present.

I had the opportunity to be inside the convention hall on both Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. On Tuesday night, among other speakers, I witnessed Bill Clinton speak about his wife Hillary, her character and history as well as their life together with their family. He spoke of her time as First Lady, Secretary of State, her years of public service since college as well as the girl he first met.

On Wednesday evening, Vice President Joe Biden and President Obama were the main speakers and both gave their full throated endorsement of Hillary Clinton as their party’s nominee. Joe Biden won the attendees over with his everyman speech and his much loved use of “malarkey.” President Obama made what may be his last major speech before the end of his term in office and was in many ways reminiscent of his first speech to the DNC in 2004.

While at the DNC and RNC I was able to pick up new skills. By the end of the DNC I had learned how to interview people as well as operate a virtual reality camera. I also learned how to use social media in a professional way to help bring live news to people. The entire experience was a wonderful insight into our political process and the professionals who cover the participants.


Photo | PoliticsFitzU Staff. Bell ’18 outside of the DNC


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