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Fireworks at the first debate

Tuesday, September 27, 2019 the first Presidential Debate between democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, and republican nominee, Donald Trump, was held.  The debated started with both candidates being respectful and following the rules set. Slowly throughout the two-hour debate the rules were ignored and accusations thrown around. Both candidates being constantly told “Your two minutes are up.”

From questions about racial barriers, “presidential look,” economy, tax returns, email scandals, and sexist claims. Facts were stated by both sides and then attempted the be refuted  by the opposition. Both candidates started strong and maintained their goals for presidency.

The Birther issue was one Trump was vocal about. Stating multiple times that when he asked for the birth certificate of President Barack Obama he got the results he expected, that Obama was born in Kenya not the United States,  the facts were given and proved Trump incorrect. Trump repeatedly told the fact checkers out there to confirm his statements.

Clinton was asked about the email scandals and immediately claimed she made a mistake and would go back and change what she did.


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