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There will be Hill to pay

by Travis Fischer @TravisDFischer Earlier today, Hillary Clinton said that Director James Comey’s decision to reopen her email investigation was unheard of. Clinton called this act “deeply troubling” due to the timing of the release. With the election just around the corner, the Clinton Campaign is not happy that Comey wrote a letter to Congress saying that the newly uncovered documents pertained to the already closed email investigation. However, not […]

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With 11 days until the election, the FBI inquires about new emails for the Clinton case

by Travis Fischer @TravisDFischer We thought we had heard the last of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal from the FBI when Director Comey recommended that no charges be pressed. But new emails have surfaced that have caused the FBI to seek to reopen the now closed case involving the former Secretary of State. The emails were found on the computer belonging to Anthony Weiner, the former Congressman from New York. The […]

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Why Trump’s racist past could lose him this election

Sarah Eastland @sarahxisabel There are a variety of reasons Donald Trump has failed to seize the black vote throughout this election. Trump’s history of discrimination, and his actions in the present, may prove detrimental at the polls next week. According to The Elect Project more blacks than whites showed up at the polls in both 2008 and 2012, making blacks the largest demographic to appear at the polls in the […]

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New Hampshire’s role as a swing state

By Seth Facey @seth_soccer4 New Hampshire plays a pivotal role in this year’s general election as it is one of the “swing states” that make or break a candidate’s campaign. In order for a presidential candidate to win the election they need 270 of the total 538 electoral college votes. Of the 538 votes, 125 of them are swing states, or states who have not been classified as mostly Republican […]

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What you need to know about Third Party candidates

By Sophie Nikolenko @sophienikolenko Do you hate the democratic and republican nominee like the majority of the country? Look no further, there are more options than the polls believe you to think.  Before you cast your vote, here are some critical things you need to know about the third party candidates. Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico,  is the Libertarian Presidential Candidate. Libertarians are fiscally conservative and according Johnson […]

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How the Electoral College Affects You

by Sarah Eastland @sarahxisabel Everyone knows the phrase “270 to win”, but what does it actually mean? What does it entail for this election? The electoral college is for many voters an after thought, but in reality it is the electoral college that truly chooses the president. By definition it a group of people that represent the populous of The United States and formally vote on our behalf to elect […]

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Has Trump finally gone too far?

by Travis Fischer @TravisDFischer   People have been asking for almost a year now what it would take for Donald Trump to say to lose the massive support he has accumulated. Being only a month away from the election, it looked like nothing he said or done could stop him. All Trump had to do was avoid a major scandal and he might have a serious chance at winning the […]

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