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Has Trump finally gone too far?

by Travis Fischer



People have been asking for almost a year now what it would take for Donald Trump to say to lose the massive support he has accumulated.

Being only a month away from the election, it looked like nothing he said or done could stop him. All Trump had to do was avoid a major scandal and he might have a serious chance at winning the seat of the President of the United States. But a major scandal is exactly what happened.

Recently tapes from 11 years ago of an interview Trump have surfaced and what he is saying on them is causing outrage and disgust on both sides of the isle. Trump is saying that he can sexually assault women because he is famous and being famous allows him to do whatever he wants to the women. Trump said other things on the tape but

Trump released a statement sating that it was simply “locker room talk” and that it wasn’t to be taken seriously. This did not bode well with the GOP.

People like John McCain, John Kasich, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. But for New Hampshire voters, there is one very politically influential Republican who has voiced that they will no longer be voting for President; Kelly Ayotte.

Senator Ayotte released a statement on Saturday the 8th saying this:


With the election only a month away and one of the candidates facing major heat for his sexual assault comments, many are wondering how the election is going to play out. Could this be Trump’s ‘too close to the sun’ moment? Is this enough for people to change there support away from him? How will the GOP respond? These questions are on the mind’s of millions.

But one thing is for certain; On November 8th, people’s eyes will be glued to the TVs awaiting the announcement of our new Commander in Chief.

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