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Why Trump’s racist past could lose him this election

Sarah Eastland


There are a variety of reasons Donald Trump has failed to seize the black vote throughout this election. Trump’s history of discrimination, and his actions in the present, may prove detrimental at the polls next week.

According to The Elect Project more blacks than whites showed up at the polls in both 2008 and 2012, making blacks the largest demographic to appear at the polls in the last two presidential elections. Despite the fact that 60% of blacks are registered as democrats, they remain an integral part of any candidate’s success.

In 1973 Donald Trump was sued by the justice department for racial discrimination in apartments that his company- Trump Management Corporation- owned. His company lied to blacks looking to rent about availability of apartments and gave them different lease conditions then were given to white renters. Then in 1978 his company was sued for racial discrimination against blacks, again.

This history of racial discrimination may not be enough to turn the masses away from a candidate however presidents like Calvin Coolidge and George Walker Bush have been ridiculed often for their racist tendencies and remain mostly unscathed in American history for it. This past however is great way to turn the minority you were charged with discriminating against away from you.

Trump also refuses to denounce white supremacy and cannot bring himself to support the Black Lives matter movement, almost always using the conversation derailing phrase “All Lives Matter” in it’s place. His campaign has willingly taken donations from factions of the KKK and when asked about former KKK leader David Duke Trump stated that he simply didn’t know enough about him as a person to denounce him and what he stands for. All of these things have only succeeded in distancing Trump from the black populous.

In an election where poll after poll shows the country almost split completely on who to vote for each voter is more important than ever. While more than half of blacks registered to vote are Democrats, Trump’s failure to successfully bring blacks to his side of the aisle through racist comments and unsupportive viewpoints will potentially lose this election for him.

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