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With 11 days until the election, the FBI inquires about new emails for the Clinton case

by Travis Fischer


We thought we had heard the last of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal from the FBI when Director Comey recommended that no charges be pressed.

But new emails have surfaced that have caused the FBI to seek to reopen the now closed case involving the former Secretary of State. The emails were found on the computer belonging to Anthony Weiner, the former Congressman from New York.

The FBI found these emails when they were investigating Weiner and a sexting scandal

James Comey

Director James Comey. Photo Credits: Alex Brandon

with a 14 year old girl in North Carolina. After finding these new pieces of evidence, Director Comey wrote a letter to congress saying that they “appear to be pertinent to the investigation.”

This now calls back the question on whether or not Secretary Clinton mishandled classified information when Secretary of State. At the rally earlier today in Manchester, Trump made a comment saying “Perhaps, finally, justice wi
ll be done.” Meanwhile Clinton’s team is scrambling to do damage control on the situation.

This new information could not come at a worse time for HRC. With only 11 days until the election, this could cast the doubt needed for Trump to gain major support. What will the remaining 11 days hold? Is there more information that will come out in time about the emails? Will another Trump scandal come to light?

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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