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The jury is in and…

by Travis Fischer @TravisDFischer   Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States. To some, this comes as quite a shocker. People who looked at the predicted polls before the actual polls opened saw that Clinton was supposed to win in a near landslide with over 300 predicted electoral votes ( But when the states started reporting, they were turning red faster than people expected. At Trump’s victory speech, […]

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For whom the bell polls. How voting tomorrow will change the world

by Travis Fischer @TravisDFischer   The day has finally come. After almost 24 months of campaigns, scandals, and attack ads, the time has finally come to elect our new President. But last night, our current President spoke to a crowd of over 8,000 (with more in the overflow) at the University of New Hampshire. He came to speak about the importance of voting and how the American people cannot let […]

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Don’t boo. Vote

Seth Facey @seth_soccer4 The atmosphere throughout the line, which was spread across the campus, was filled with anticipation and excitement for the day ahead.  The main event of the day was hearing President Obama speak, but it also included appearances from Colin Van Ostern, Annie Kuster and many other local New Hampshire candidates. The line which began at 9:30 had to wait until 1:00 when they started to let people […]

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A Quick Q&A with attendees at Clinton rally

by Sarah Eastland @sarahxisabel UNH Student Q:Are you here to see President Obama or because this is a Clinton rally? A: I would say specifically both definitely because of Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the Democratic Party but also because it’s the president of the United States — so I’d definitely say both. Q: Is there anything specific you want to hear him talk about today? A: Well definitely and obviously […]

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What happens after a new President is elected?

by Travis Fischer @TravisDFischer   With the election in two days, everybody is focused on who will become the next President of the United States. However, there is still almost two months until President Obama is officially no longer the president. Even after November 8th, Obama is still the President until the other person says “so help me God” on January 20th. But what does the new President-Elect do in that […]

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Maggie Hassan on college and its cost

by Travis Fischer and Maria Soraghan                                                                        @TravisDFischer @Maria_Soraghan   Recently Pinkerton Students Maria Soraghan and Travis Fischer had the opportunity to interview Maggie Hassan, the current Governor of New Hampshire and Democratic candidate for Senate. […]

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The Wall that divides America

Sarah Eastland @sarahxisabel If there is one singular moment this election keeps circling back to and it’s The Wall. A 15 foot wall meant to cover the 2,000 mile long border between Mexico and the U.S. through rivers, deserts, and mountains, and be the end all be all of illegal immigration. Financially and physically unfeasible it speaks volumes about the state of the nation because of it’s ability to polarize. […]

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Why we should implement ranked-choice voting system

Sophie Nikolenko @sophienikolenko For as long as we can remember America has had a two-party voting system for the Republican and Demographic party.  Although these two parties still have the majority of votes in the polls, there are other parties that don’t get the publicity or opportunity they deserve.  The two party voting system limits voters to vote for the two major candidates, if they don’t they are criticized for […]

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