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Why we should implement ranked-choice voting system

Sophie Nikolenko


For as long as we can remember America has had a two-party voting system for the Republican and Demographic party.  Although these two parties still have the majority of votes in the polls, there are other parties that don’t get the publicity or opportunity they deserve.  The two party voting system limits voters to vote for the two major candidates, if they don’t they are criticized for “throwing their vote away” to a candidate that most likely won’t win.

The ranked-choice voting system, also known as the instant-runoff voting system, gives more opportunity to lesser known party candidates. Voters are able to choose a few of their favorite candidates and rank them accordingly.  This eliminates the pressure of choosing one candidate and the fear of “throwing away your vote”.

The ranker-choice voting system gives third-party candidates a predicted higher polling percentage, because if that candidate falls through the ones ranked below them will carry out that vote.  Voting for a third party candidate will no longer be splitting the vote, but rather just voting. Although this process may seem lengthy, it gives more representation to voters and candidates a like and will ultimately find the majority vote.

If this voting system is implemented, campaigns would be less “mud-slinging” towards each candidate.  To gain votes politicians would need to focus more on the people rather than their opponents. “A comprehensive Rutgers University poll of voters in 7 cities with ranked choice voting found that voters report friendlier campaigns and that RCV had majority support in all of the cities using it.

In this election there has been a lot of strategic voting to eliminate the “lesser of two evils”.  Although this could still arise in ranker-choice voting, the chances are reduced dramatically.  With ability to choose more than one candidate, the satisfaction of voters will increase.

It is time to find new represenation for this country, because the two-party system just isn’t working anymore.  Implementing this new voting system will directly benefit all American citizens.

For more imformation of how the voting sytem works check out




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