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What happens after a new President is elected?

by Travis Fischer



With the election in two days, everybody is focused on who will become the next President of the United States. However, there is still almost two months until President Obama is officially no longer the president.


President Bush and President-Elect Obama  discussing the transfer of power after Obama’s victory

Even after November 8th, Obama is still the President until the other person says “so help me God” on January 20th. But what does the new President-Elect do in that time? They plan out the next 4 years of their job.
One of the things the President gets to do is he or she gets to appoint Cabinet members and thousands of other officials,and they get to set polices they want to accomplish in their term. Under the Presidential Transition Act of 2000, the new President-Elect has office space provided and funding to train all new government personnel to help make the transition easier. Also, all of the government agencies prepare for the new president and send representatives to brief and train the new President.

Also during the transfer period, the new President is trained on how to handle situation that the president might face: such as terrorist attacks, severe weather destruction, or a slew of other public safety risks. The job of the president is to respond to everything that may harm the public and to handle the situation in a calm and orderly manner. If there was no training for these situations, the new President would have no idea how to properly handle them

The transition is also a brainstorming period where the teams of the candidate figure out how to turn the promises made during the campaign a reality when they are sworn in as president. During this time, most of the hollow promises made before the election become evident because they are either unconstitutional or are blocked outright by Congress. They have to turn this year and a half campaign into a national policy that will affect all Americans.

This is a very vulnerable time for the Federal Government because with the President being the highest authority, there is someone waiting to take their place. This can cause doubt and make people want the President-Elect to make the decisions, despite his or her term not having started yet.

The transition needs to happen peacefully and smoothly, with nothing getting in the way of it. The public has some idea of what goes on but the average person does not know all the details. But it is a time honored tradition in America where everything needs to happen without failure and people need to learn their job. If people aren’t prepared for the new presidency, then the people may be at risk.

President Obama will wake up on January 20th the leader of the Free World. But when he goes to bed that night, he will just be former President Barack Obama. And America will have her 55th Commander in Chief.

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