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600 Days Too Long

By Meghana Reddy                                                                                                               @Meghanaredddy

Today marks the end of a nearly 600-day election. An election season which many believe has stretched on for far too long.

In late October, American singer Sheryl Crow began a petition for a shorter presidential election cycle. The petition, put up on, read “countries across the globe have limited campaign seasons to as short as 6 weeks. With an organized system, a successful, informative, professional campaign could be run.”


The United States’ Presidential Election Season is far longer than that of other countries

Countries such as Canada, Mexico, and Japan, had campaign seasons lasting no longer than 147 days in 2015. Crow said that the United States’ campaign season in comparison has reached a point where nothing new is learned and all that is spread is hate. “We cannot sustain another lengthy slugfest like what we have witnessed for the past two years and ask both the DNC and RNC to reform the process and shorten our election season.”

Crow’s petition has now received over 50,000 signatures out of its target goal of 75,000. Once 75,000 signatures have been received, the petition will be sent to the heads of the RNC and DNC for review.  Although it is virtually impossible to predict what happens from there, a shorter election season, ranked election system, reformed electoral college, and  non-binary voting system, are all potential candidates for our future.







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