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Opioid Epidemic No Match for Maggie Hassan

by Maria Soraghan and Travis Fischer                                                                                                 @Maria_Soraghan @TravisDFischer

Pinkerton Academy seniors, Maria Soraghan and Travis Fischer, interviewed Governor Maggie Hassan over the phone this past Sunday.

Current New Hampshire Governor and candidate for US Senator offered her time to students, answering questions from college affordability to email scandals. The opioid conversation was definitely a prominent aspect of the interview though as these students have seen first hand, the rise in opioid abuse within NH. They made it very clear the concern they had for the epidemic and the need they saw for serious action.

Maria: At the World Affairs Council forum on Friday, you said you would try and get emergency funding for NH to help with the opioid crisis, how would you go about getting this money and really bringing awareness to the issue on a national level?


NH Governor Maggie Hassan. Photo from @GovernorHassan

Hassan: As you know, it is the most serious public health and safety challenge we have as a state. Wherever I go in NH, people from all walks of life talk to me about this terrible epidemic. Just today I talked to a woman in Market Basket who lost her son 5 months ago to a fentanyl overdose. At the state level, I have helped law enforcement, sustained funding for our drug task force teams, expanded operation Granite Hammer, and focused on how we can expand drug treatment and recovery services. We have also made the drug Narcan available to our first responders and then just last spring we got emergency funding pass and are currently getting dollars directly to our treatment programs in NH. It’s long past time for the federal government to take that same approach of bipartisanship here in getting emergency funding out the door and if I am honored with the vote of the people of NH next week and I become the next US Senator, my first order of business will be getting funding. Not just approved but actually appropriated [funding].

Hassan was genuine in her response and was confident in her abilities to get the funding NH so desperately needs. We will see if she gets a chance to keep her promise on Tuesday.

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