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For whom the bell polls. How voting tomorrow will change the world

by Travis Fischer



The day has finally come.

After almost 24 months of campaigns, scandals, and attack ads, the time has finally come to elect our new President.

But last night, our current President spoke to a crowd of over 8,000 (with more in the overflow) at the University of New Hampshire. He came to speak about the importance of voting and how the American people cannot let Donald Trump be our next president.


President Obama at UNH. Photo by Travis Fischer

Whenever he mentioned an issue that the Democrats attending the event didn’t like, it was met by a series of boos, but Obama wouldn’t have that. ‘ Don’t boo’ he said, ‘vote!’ and the entire crowd would shout ‘vote’ with the President. It is not enough to boo something a person doesn’t like, they have to take steps to change it or ensure that it doesn’t happen. In America, that step is voting.

The president had one message that no one can refute, ‘Donald Trump can’t hear your boos. He can hear your votes.’ Tonight, Trump won’t be listening to the rally cries of Democrats, he’ll be watching the TV and refreshing his computer to see the results of
people’s votes as the states turn blue or red.

So tonight, when the results come from polling stations across the country, they are not just votes. Those results are the voices of millions of Americans shouting that they are ready for change. These votes are people fulfilling their civic duty to this country.

No matter who wins tonight, no one can deny that democracy won and that the people have spoken (unless the electoral college is different, but that’
s another story).

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