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Ahead of the Presidential Debate, the candidates are neck and neck

By Jon Spall ’18

As the world awaits the start of the first presidential debate, the majority of polls indicate that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are nearly tying or are in close margin to each other.


Photo | Kendra Syphers ’18


Photo | Katie Davert ’19

Clinton, the former Secretary of State under Obama’s administration and the former Senator of New York, was able to defeat her Democratic rival Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont during the primaries. While former reality star and new politician Trump defeated 12 Republican candidates to win the party’s nomination for president.

“After Labor Day people start to care about the political race. The polls show that swing voters and active political activists are getting into the swing of it,” said Christina Cliff, Political Science Professor. According to Cliff this is commonplace for presidential politics.

The FPU/ Herald National Political Poll that was performed between September 18-22 shows that in a four way race, Clinton has a slight lead over her opponent Donald Trump with 45% percent of the votes to Trump’s 43%.  The results also show Johnson at 6% and Stein at 3% of the votes. With the race tightening between them, it is almost certain that the debate on Monday night will be important to many voters.

Many wonder who will win the debate and if it will change people’s votes at all. As the United States citizens wait to see how each Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump debate one another, not matter what the outcome of the debate is it will be one to that will go down in history.

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