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David Tirell-Wysocki shares experiences about “The Oddly Ambitious”

By Taylor Cameron and Angelique Inchierca
@taylorrrcameron    @soccer2680


David Tirell-Wysocki speaking to The Presidency and The Press. Photo by Angelique A. Inchierca

David Tirell-Wysocki, a former political journalist, gave students attending The Presidency and The Press Conference a unique outlook on “The Oddly Ambitious”.

With a slideshow of photos and articles, Tirell-Wysocki brought to our attention that these candidates, at one point or another, were aware that they wouldn’t make it to the White House. Instead, they continued to run to keep their ideologies in motion.

“Covering the primaries brought a lot of interesting situations” Tirell-Wysocki said. He began to tell the young journalists of when he exposed a falsely recorded event considering a candidate many know today. While George H.W Bush Senior was campaigning in 1988, an article was released about Bush stopping along the road to speak to a farmer accompanied by his cow by coincidence. But Tirell-Wysocki had a feeling something was off.


David Tirell-Wysocki during this presentation. Photo by Angelique A. Inchierca

Tirell-Wysocki happened to know the farmer in the article and gave him a call, he soon learned that Bush called the farmer beforehand and asked him to be by the road when the campaign was passing. “It irked me that they (George H.W Bush senior) tried to pull one over but they didn’t.” Tirell-Wysocki said.

Another interesting candidate from the 2016 presidential election is Vermin Supreme. He began his short journey by filing as a candidate in the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary in November of 2015. He then came in fourth behind Martin O’Malley, receiving 259 votes in the primary. Tirell-Wysocki displayed a video of Vermin Supreme ‘glitter-bombing’ another member of the Lesser-Known Democratic Candidates presidential Forum which resulted in the dismissal of his attempt to return to the event.


photo by Angelique A. Inchierca

From all of the long shots who have ran for president, Tirell-Wysocki believes that each candidate is important and has a chance to pull through. Two prime examples would be Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, both of which were considered to not make it far but in the end made huge impacts to the American people.

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