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Franklin Pierce and Boston Herald partnership covers the 2016 Presidential Election

by Nicole Dale ’16 MBA ’18

Franklin Pierce University and the Boston Herald came together to cover the 2016 Presidential Election. This partnership worked together throughout the Primary and the later stages of the election to provide quality coverage.

FPU and Boston Herald began their partnership in March of 2015. Since then, the Marlin Fitzwater Center for Communication student involvement was framed through the Pierce Media Group’s seasoned political reporting unit, PoliticsFitzU.

PoliticsFitzU covered such prominent political events such as the Democratic and Republican presidential debates in New Hampshire, the Iowa Caucuses, the First-in-the-Nation Primary in New Hampshire, the Democratic National Convention, and the Republican National Convention.

The success of this partnership has gained the recognition from the Associated Press Media Editors with an Honorable Mention for Community Engagement.

“The bond between the University and our news organization could not be stronger,” said Boston Herald Editor-in-Chief Joseph Sciacca.

On a weekly basis, Franklin Pierce students and the Boston Herald aired on an Internet and AM radio show, “Primary Matters.” Working along side veteran Herald political reporter Chris Villani, students participated in lively and insightful discussions of the latest details in the Presidential race.

Juliana Wilson ’07 MBA ’17, the graduate assistant for the Pierce Media Group attended “Primary Matters” with students each week.”It has been one of the best experiences of my life and has given me a lot of exposure, confidence, and even a little fame,” said Wilson. The three-hour round trips allowed Wilson to get to know the students, prepare for the show, and express their views on the upcoming election.

Go to the website below to listen in on archived “Primary Matters” shows featuring Franklin Pierce students, Boston Herald reporter Chris Villani, and other guests.


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