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Gary Johnson, stop, please

If you didn’t know it then, you better know it now: Gary Johnson is insane.

Now this is coming from a teenager who heavily supported Bernie Sanders. That being said, it’s only logical that Bernie supporters should not consider voting for Johnson, even if they are dissatisfied with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Even staunch Republicans who favored one of the sixteen candidates besides Donald Trump should not vote for Johnson. He doesn’t share all the views of the average conservative.

I do admit I agree with Gary Johnson on some issues, such as legalizing marijuana for recreational use, a woman’s right to an abortion, and gay marriage. The issues I don’t agree with are pretty much everything else.

His views, and the views of the Libertarian Party in general, promote the privatization of nearly everything that the government has influence over. Their ideas are ludicrous:  privatizing Social Security; privatizing education; supporting the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement; an isolationist foreign policy; Johnson’s opinion of lowering or even dropping the minimum wage; and his personal view that we shouldn’t combat climate change because “the sun’s going to encompass the Earth in a few billion years. Why bother?”

It’s capitalism on steroids.

It was one fateful September day on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that Johnson showed his true colors. He was asked by analyst Mike Barnicle how he would handle the situation in Aleppo, the epicenter of the conflict in Syria, a place where bombings of hospitals, schools, and the deaths of aid workers, as well as civilians, has horrifically become a trend in the everyday life of the occupants. Johnson’s response was “What is Aleppo?” to the dismay of Barnicle, the other analysts on set, and viewers.

Yes, ninety percent of Americans don’t know what Aleppo is, but if you’re running for president, you definitely should know this one.

And in last week’s televised town hall, Johnson made another gaffe, again on MSNBC. It was during a town hall at the University of New Hampshire, hosted by MSNBC, with Hardball host Chris Matthews asking the questions. One of the questions was “which world leader Johnson admires.” Johnson couldn’t even think of any world leader at that moment and he infamously said, “I’m having another Aleppo moment!” Scrambling, he said, “the former president of Mexico,” but when asked who, couldn’t remember his name. His running mate, former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld, had to help him out by mentioning Vicente Fox.

That again is completely ludicrous. Johnson was the former governor of New Mexico for eight years; how can he not remember the name of the president of Mexico during his long term as governor?

Just imagine Johnson in the White House press room and a reporter asks him how he’s going to deal with the situation in, let’s say, Raqqa. Johnson would probably say “What is Raqqa?”

To get back to the town hall, Johnson also said that within the first ten minutes of the Clinton administration, she would go to war.

My God. His excuse for next time he can’t answer a question should be: “Dammit, I’m a third-party candidate! I’m not going to be the President of the United States!”

It’s clear at this point Johnson does not have the mental capability of being President.

Does that remind you of someone else?


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