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Millennials Upset with Election Results

By Alex Malm ’17 and Pat Delaney ’17

The reaction by millennials after news broke that Donald Trump would become the 45th President of the United States has not been positive, and exits polls show that is also true.

Based on CNN’s exit poll results, the millennial vote was the highest margin of victory based on demographics. The difference was a margin of victory of 18 points for 18-29 year olds, which was 55% for Secretary Clinton, and 37% points for President-elect Donald Trump.

But in New Hampshire the margin of victory was not as dramatic; Secretary Clinton at 49%, Trump at 41%, and 10% points for neither candidate, which included 8% for Governor Johnson, 1% for Jill Stein, and 1% with other/no answer.

Not only did 49% of millennials in New Hampshire want Secretary Clinton more than Trump, 10% of millennials did not want either candidate. The results generally fit the mood on campus regarding the election results.  

Democrat Ronald Cooper ’19, who received 4,800 votes in his attempt to win  the position of State Representative in New Hampshire said, “ I’m honestly surprised there wasn’t more rioting last night, but I think people were in shock.” The Anti- Trump protests were on campuses around the country, including UCLA, UC Irvine, and Oakland.

Jonathan Spall ’18, who is a big Hillary Clinton and Democratic Party supporter said, “My overall reaction to the results are shocking to say the least, with how Trump was able to turn blue states red. I think what will happen next is that the United States will be even more divided than ever.”

Some Franklin Pierce student voters were not happy with the vote they cast for either major party candidate. Eric Pilgrim ’17, who voted for Hillary Clinton but with reservations, said “It’s not that I think she should be president, I just don’t like my other options. The other major candidate sexually assaults women and wants to build a giant wall; he is not a leader for equality. “

But there were some signs of happiness on campus after Trump was elected President. Luke Thresher ’17, who has been a Trump supporter this entire election said,  “Happy, and ready to move on . I think this is an important time of healing for the country after this brutal election cycle.”


Photo | Anna Watkins ’20. Professor Christina Cliff, Jon Spall ’18, and Alex Powell ’17 discussing the election a few hours before the decision was made. Pat Delaney ’17 filming and posting photos to Facebook.

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