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Conval students discuss their hometown with a successful Conval grad

By Jason Frank @jp_frank99 Michelle Jarest @MichMeganJ   On January 19, two student journalists from ConVal high school got the opportunity to talk with Justin Wilson, a former ConVal grad himself. Wilson now works as the Director of the Periodical Press Gallery (PPG), a job he was promoted to last year. The students, Jason Frank (Junior) and Michelle Jarest (Senior) received this opportunity as part of the Presidency and the […]

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Maggie Hassan opens up about divided Congress

Michelle Jarest @MichMeganJ On January 19th, 2017, just one day before Republican President Donald Trump was sworn into office, Senator Maggie Hassan from New Hampshire invited high school and college students of Franklin Pierce University’s Granite State Student Voices and Presidency and the Press program into her office to discuss current issues they were concerned about. Time was short, only about thirty-five minutes was given due to Hassan and her […]

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Women’s Marchers, “Trump loves you”

By Michelle Jarest @MichMeganJ Saturday morning, January 21st, there was a buzz in the air of Union train Station in Washington, D.C. A buzz that represented the building tension between the women―and some men―of this country and the newly-elected President, Donald Trump. His comments about “locker room talk” blew up in October of 2016, just one month before he would become the leader and figurehead for a nation that prides […]

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Trump’s “Great” America

by: Travis Fischer @TravisDFischer After 8 years of the Obama administration, the new era of a Trump America has finally arrived. In Trump’s inaugural address, he sounded hopeful for the future saying “We [Americans] will determine the course of America and the world for years to come.” He later went on to rally the spirits of the people by promising to put “America first.” One big message for the address […]

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Women attending the Women’s March say “the witch” isn’t dead

By Jason Frank @jp_frank99 During a visit to the National Museum of the American Indian on Thursday, January 20 high school students involved with the Granite Student Voice got the opportunity to have a discussion with a group of women visiting Washington DC to attend the Women’s March. The students specifically talked to three women: Catherine Jones Porter, who was an active women’s rights activist back in her hometown, Kate […]

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New faces in politics helped by Close Up program

By: Travis Fischer @TravisDFischer Edited by: Maria Soraghan @Maria_Soraghan It is an undeniable fact that the children of today will grow up to be the leaders of tomorrow and it is vastly important that those leaders be informed about all matters that affect the country. Close Up is a “nonprofit, nonpartisan citizenship education organization that promotes responsible and informed participation in the democratic process.” Their goal is to inform the […]

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Kuster’s Stand to Represent NH

by Maria Soraghan @Maria_Soraghan edited by Travis Fischer @TravisDFischer Over 65 people have now declared they are boycotting President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration. In less than 36 hours, a new man will take the position as the most powerful leader in the World. In the past, this transition of power has been viewed as a peaceful and diplomatic act, one that is respected. People on both sides of the aisle have […]

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Telemundo broadcasts Inauguration from Newseum

By Sophie Nikolenko @sophienikolenko With two days before the election, D.C. is gearing up to live broadcast the Presidential Inauguration to the nation.  Telemundo, a Hispanic American television station centered in Miami, was setting up for their broadcast at the Newseum.  Tensions have been high between Hispanic voters and the Trump administration.  Orlando Miguez, technical manager for Telemundo, says that this Inauguration is “a big deal, they are all a […]

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Wranglers Make 5th Inaugural Visit

by Sarah Eastland Seth Facey @sarahxisabel @sethfacey Anna Waldron Jason Frank @annakwaldron @jp_frank99 Continuing a 5 inauguration legacy, The Wranglers from Lake Highlands High School in Dallas, Texas and their mothers sat down with members of Granite State Student Voice at the Newseum to discuss their week here in D.C. For the last 5 presidential inaugurations The Wranglers, a country western dance and stunt group from Texas, have performed at […]

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