Granite State Student Voice

New Hampshire Student Media Association

Kuster’s Stand to Represent NH

by Maria Soraghan


edited by Travis Fischer


Over 65 people have now declared they are boycotting President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.

In less than 36 hours, a new man will take the position as the most powerful leader in the World. In the past, this transition of power has been viewed as a peaceful and diplomatic act, one that is respected. People on both sides of the aisle have hope and admiration for the President-elect. Like everything else with this election season though, the norms have been broken and the usual tone of DC before an inauguration is not the one being experienced right now.

The numbers continue to rise as members of Congress vow to skip the inauguration to send a message of their disapproval towards the President-elect. It will be the first time in history a boycott of the inauguration takes place from elected officials with this much traction. There have been both positive and negative reactions to this act.  Some citizens are commending the choice while others are seeing it as an insult to the political process and democracy.  


Courtesy of Congresswoman Annie Kuster’s Facebook

Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter from New Hampshire’s first district is among those Democrats who have decided to sit out from Friday’s event. NH’s second district congresswoman however will be in attendance despite pressure from her party and the press not to. Kuster sees it has her duty to the people she represents to attend and to support the peaceful transfer of power. She wants to show the country she is willing to work across parties and be a productive member of Congress.

As an elected representative, Kuster will attend the inauguration to welcome the new President on behalf of her constituents. Kuster has made a promise to the people of NH to represent them during her term of service and that is exactly what she will be doing on the 20th.

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