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New faces in politics helped by Close Up program

By: Travis Fischer


Edited by: Maria Soraghan


It is an undeniable fact that the children of today will grow up to be the leaders of tomorrow and it is vastly important that those leaders be informed about all matters that affect the country.

Close Up is a “nonprofit, nonpartisan citizenship education organization that promotes responsible and informed participation in the democratic process.” Their goal is to inform the next politicians, captains of industry, and the everyday citizens. They aim to make democracy interesting and exciting so that when election rolls around, people participate by exercising their rightful position in society.

This week Close Up is in Washington D.C. to show students the peaceful transition of power from one President to the next. Program Manager Sara Emhof talks a little about the program: “We’re gonna have students [from across the country] here all week debating issues, meeting with representatives, and we’ll have some on-site visits.”

Because of how the election went this cycle, the political curiosity is very great among not only the participants, but among the program leaders themselves. Emhof said that even she was “very invigorated by this election” despite having gone through the process before.

Many people would agree that the election was hard fought and brutal, with endless attack ads, name calling, and a new scandal every week. Emhof also commented about the current state of the country calling it “the most partisan America” she thinks she’s lived through.

But regardless of the election, Close Up is keeping true to their promise of informing the future electorate.

For more information on Close Up, go to, look for them on Facebook at CloseUpWashingtonDC, or follow them on Twitter @CloseUp_DC.

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