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Trump’s “Great” America

by: Travis Fischer


After 8 years of the Obama administration, the new era of a Trump America has finally arrived.

In Trump’s inaugural address, he sounded hopeful for the future saying “We [Americans] will determine the course of America and the world for years to come.” He later went on to rally the spirits of the people by promising to put “America first.”

One big message for the address was that Americans had been silenced and Trump was going to give them back their voices. “For too long, a small group in our nation’s Capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost.” Trump promised that the transition of power to him, was also a transition of power from Washington to the “American people.” Trump’s future sounds similar to the future of Abraham Lincoln when he said the government was by the people and for the people.

Trump then continued to talk about issues that he is going to fix: infrastructure, strengthening the military, safer schools and neighborhoods, and combating “radical Islamic terrorism.” But has he made his goals too great? It seems like the only thing President Trump wasn’t promising was the kitchen sink. He only has 4 years to accomplish all he’s promised, that is, unless he runs in 2020 for a second term.

But Trump’s speech caused another idea to form: America is the only country we should protect. The President said that other nations must put “their own interest first” and strongly saying that is what America will do. But with the threat of Climate change being a global issue (and some Republicans being climate change skeptics), America cannot only focus on our own interest on this matter. If nothing is done immediately about this issue, then his promise to “unlock the mysteries of space” should be his first and most important issue because the Earth will not last much longer if nothing is changed.

If President Trump really plans to “make America great again,” he must listen to the citizens. He must be able to work across the isle to find a bipartisan solution and he must listen to the voices of the people to form laws that benefit all Americans.

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