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Women attending the Women’s March say “the witch” isn’t dead

By Jason Frank


During a visit to the National Museum of the American Indian on Thursday, January 20 high school students involved with the Granite Student Voice got the opportunity to have a discussion with a group of women visiting Washington DC to attend the Women’s March. The students specifically talked to three women: Catherine Jones Porter, who was an active women’s rights activist back in her hometown, Kate Kelly, a friend of Porter’s, and Donna Kelly, who was Kate Kelly’s mother. The women had traveled all the way from Utah in order to attend the feminist event.

Donna Kelly specifically pointed out the historical ramifications of the event, she went as far as to say that, “This is the most important event I will attend in my lifetime. And I’m 60.” Jones-Porter thought it was important to march in order to show her step-daughter that she would not capitulate to the patriarchy. She thought that if the government was not going to provide the younger generation of girls with role models, than she would have to herself.

Jones-Porter also made a point of saying that she wasn’t ready to give up the fight. In regards to a t-shirt that she had seen that said that “the witch [Hillary Clinton] is dead,” Jones-Porter responded by saying that there are many more witches yet to come.

The ladies arrived in DC bedecked in Pussy Hats, as part of the Pussyhat Project. The Pussyhat Project was begun in response to Trump’s assertions that women should be grabbed by the pussy. Due to the project, many of the marchers in Saturday’s march will be wearing the trademark pink hats, and many of the said hats were handknit by women in support of the cause.

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