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Women’s Marchers, “Trump loves you”


Jeff Backstrand stands in D.C. train station among Women’s Marchers, proudly sporting a suggestive and empowering hat

By Michelle Jarest

Saturday morning, January 21st, there was a buzz in the air of Union train Station in Washington, D.C. A buzz that represented the building tension between the women―and some men―of this country and the newly-elected President, Donald Trump.

His comments about “locker room talk” blew up in October of 2016, just one month before he would become the leader and figurehead for a nation that prides itself on being a “melting pot” of different cultures, backgrounds, and religions.

However, most Americans, including the 2.9 million more that voted for Hillary Clinton over Trump (CNN), feel that acceptance will not be the trend of the next four years under this new presidency.

One Trump supporter sent mixed messages when he stood at the bottom of an escalator within Union Station, pointing to protesters and telling them, “Trump loves you.” The supporter requested to remain anonymous, and when asked why he was doing it, he said that he thinks people in America feel as though Trump does not love them or care for them. “Some of them do, though,” he continued. “And I’ve seen it in their eyes, and in their expressions, and in their work.” But he doesn’t see women’s equality as an issue because he thinks: “It’s just how it is.”

Originally from Las Vegas, NV he mentioned that he had been to D.C. five or six times prior, but this week was “the best trip by far.” He followed Trump in the election “from the get-go.” He voted in the election and attended the Inauguration on January 20th.

Jeff Backstrand was not supportive of Trump and was in the train station as a protestor, waiting for the day of progress and hope to begin. “[Trump] really represents most everything I disagree with, both personally and politically. So, it’s not just about politics,” Backstrand stated, wearing a baseball cap with a stuffed animal cat attached to the top. He is engaged in a lot of issues dealing with “low income communities and health disparities” at Rutgers University, which gave him more reason to speak out this morning.

The highlight of brief interviews was speaking with Lulu from Baltimore, MD. At just ten years old, Lulu said she really wanted to march and the excitement on her face was evidence of her passion. Her parents were off to the side, watching her with smiles and admiring the strong, young woman before them. Her closing remarks were humorous and bold, stating that “[Donald Trump] is a carrot that wears a bleached squirrel on his head.”

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