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Conval students discuss their hometown with a successful Conval grad

By Jason Frank


Michelle Jarest



On January 19, two student journalists from ConVal high school got the opportunity to talk with Justin Wilson, a former ConVal grad himself. Wilson now works as the Director of the Periodical Press Gallery (PPG), a job he was promoted to last year. The students, Jason Frank (Junior) and Michelle Jarest (Senior) received this opportunity as part of the Presidency and the Press program that they attended in Washington D.C. from January 17 to January 21.

During the interview, Wilson discussed how he thought that the Peterborough lifestyle had affected him positively. He even thought that where he grew helped him get the job of a lifetime, saying, “The values I have from Peterborough, New Hampshire helped me work on Capitol Hill, Arlington, and DC.”

Previous to working at the PPG, Wilson had worked at C-SPAN. He began as an intern, then ended up getting a real job there once he graduated from college.

During the talk, he called out former Conval teacher Mr. Marshall’s comprehensive and interesting discussion of the Watergate Scandal as an especially important time in his life. Wilson specifically mentioned Mr. Marshall as an important influence on his choice to get into politics for a career.

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